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We provide free, impartial, confidential and accessible advice, information and support on matters relating to special educational needs and disabilities (including concerns relating to health and social care) for:

  1. parents or carers of children with SEN or disabilities aged from 0-25; OR
  2. young people aged 16-25 with SEN or disabilities.

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"You have stuck with us all these years. Thank you so much for all your help and support."

Parent feedback - June 2018

"Thank you for your ongoing support,help and advice. Without it I think I'd have given up the fight a long time ago. I just wish there were more genuine people as passionate about their job as you are. Who love helping the parents fight for their children."

Parent feedback -  October 2018

"Where parents have accessed Trafford's independent advice and support service (the Trafford parent and young people partnership), they have received strong support through the process.  This service is highly valued by parents."

Ofsted report - March 2017